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The Shalom Life Center’s Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah program is unlike any other you have seen or experienced. It is tailored to each individual young person to ensure a rite of passage that is not only challenging but captivating. The process gives Jewish teenagers a deep, personal, and lasting link to their heritage.

A Bar/ Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish milestone and a very special time for the entire family. At Shalom Life Center we want you to create your own customized journey according to your child’s interests. We will work with you every step of the way planning a pathway that is inspirational, fulfilling and affordable.

Former member of the clergy team at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton Fl, Cantor Lawrence Dermer is a highly experienced Jewish educator who believes in connecting with young people by making Judaism relevant and meaningful. He has an amazing ability to communicate with students and engage them ultimately inspiring an attitude of Jewish Strength and Pride! He is committed to offering a unique path to Jewish life and learning that reflects the needs and desires of our ever changing contemporary world.

Our program emphasizes the meaning of the major Jewish prayers, the customs and the Torah portion. The central theme to all our lessons is to address how are ancient traditions are still relevant in our modern time. Our program also incorporates Jewish spiritual teachings designed to help teenagers cope well with the pressures they all face in today’s world.

The path to B'nai Mitzvah can range from traditional chanting Torah, writing a d'var Torah, chanting traditional prayers and blessings to learning about Israeli culture, history, sports, music and politics. Whatever the individualized path may be, we believe in building strong relationships with the entire family and the result is an experience that becomes a beautiful and cherished memory!

This is a very exciting time for the whole family. In the next few years you will have an opportunity to deepen your connection to our people as you move towards your important day.  Along the way, your child will study and explore this rite of passage as a family; your child will complete a Mitzvah project, and strengthen ties to our Jewish community.